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La Scala 1996

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La Scala, Milan

Ferri and Murru

The Dancers

The Ballet

The choreography is by Patrice Bart, based on the original by Jean Corelli and Jules Perrot. Angelo Sala's sets attempted to invoke the spirit of the original sets by Alexandre Benois.


A Triumph for Ferri

Key to any superior performance of Giselle is a ballerina who knows how to act, and Ferri's acting (and dancing) illuminates not only Giselle but the entire ballet, letting us believe this peasant girl could love, forgive and redeem her royal cad.

Her partner is not quite up to her standard, especially in his dancing, though this does not undermine the spirit that she has instilled in the ballet. The music is splendidly played by La Scala's orchestra, and, in general, this Italian production demonstrates again that the quality of lightness is essential to the successful portrayal of this difficult ballet.

Edited version of a review by The Bruce

Ferri and Murru... both stellar in Giselle

There are the many wonderful moments in this production: I'll touch briefly on a few....

Ferri is breathtaking in her interpretation of the main character: her dancing is vibrant and her acting and expressions capture the essence of the naive, love-stuck young girl in Act I, and then, as the protective Wili for the final Act.

The costumes and sets are beautiful. For example, in the village scenes of Act I, the corps de ballet wear gold and rust colored outfits , while Ferri,as Giselle, wears a sky blue skirt with a navy blue top that makes her stand out from the other performers. She is simply stunning, your eye cannot help but be drawn to her in this setting.

Technically, I thought the cameras were well placed and film editing was, with one or two exceptions, well done. The DVD has superb video and audio, and the menu allows you to go to any scene you like.

Edited version of a review by R. Nicholson

A Ballet of Two Halves

I felt that Act 1 was simply sumptuous - not a word I use lightly, or often! The ballet was smooth, light and bright, right up to a marvellous 'mad scene'; Ferri shone throughout. The sets, production values and supporting cast all tried to match Ferri's quality, as dancer and an actor.

Murru certainly knew how to dance Albrecht, but was weak on acting Albrecht

But alas, the second act was not so good; Ferri did not seem so confident; the camera work was overambitious, and even the set failed to live up to expectation; what was that house there for? Why the war memorial-style grave? Giselle was a peasant! That's the whole point!

The corps were great when they were great, but I found Myrtha unconvincing; no leader, she!

All in all, a great Act 1, and a competent, but not special Act 2

The Production

Generally fine camera work, but too clever by half in parts of Act 2.


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