Giselle - The Ballet

Moscow's State Theatre Academy. 1994

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Moscow's State Theatre Academy. 1994

Choreography: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, and Marius Petipa

Vasileva - Malakhov

The Dancers


"The performance is not bad, nothing is embarassing, but - particularly given the DVD is offered at full price - one can do much better elsewhere.

The technical presentation is rather poor to begin with. Sound quality is quite boxy, and the orchestral performance is quite mediocre to be honest, some really glaring bloopers from the brass section in the music for the nobles, though there is an interesting lift to certain passages, such as the grapepicker's theme.

The performers seem uninspired. Malakhov is by far the highlight, and as pointed out, has not yet aquired the polish that might have lent the performance more grace. Much the same can be said for Vasileva, there is a straightforward charm to her characterization, but a sense of insecurity, and a lack of fluidity in Act II, when Giselle needs it the most. I rather liked the Hilareon, though The Russian practice is utilized of featuring him more prominently in the Act one ensembles than is generally seen, and the dancer does not quite seize the opportunity. Someone also needed to take him aside and redo his eye makeup.

The physical production does not fare well on camera, it is a touch drab, and a bit cheap looking."

Edited version of a review by Warmgoy

The Production

Camera work is amateurish. There is an overuse of the kind of close up filmed performances are obsessed with, and that are most unfortunante in ballet when we do want to see the dancer's feet, after all. As if in response to this, many shots are done from the opposite extreme, as though the camera were placed in the last row of the balcony, seeming a city block away from the stage.


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