Giselle - The Ballet

The Australian Ballet, 1990

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The Australian Ballet, 1990
Live at the Adelaide Festival Centre

Elizabethan Melbourne Orchestra
conducted by Noel Smith

Walsh and Coe

The Dancers

  • Christine Walsh as Giselle
  • Kelvin Coe as Prince Albert
  • Paul de Masson as Hilarion

The Ballet

In 1986 Maina Gielgud mounted a new production for the Australian Ballet. With designs by Peter Farmer, it opened in Adelaide on 12 September 1986 with Christine Walsh and Kelvin Coe as Giselle and Albrecht and Joanne Michel as Myrthe. Gielgud's production has remained in the repertoire of the Australian Ballet ever since.


This is an excellent production, with Walsh on fine form, with a delicious 'mad scene', and a truly impressive second act. Coe was up to the task, but his dark costumes rendered him almost invisible at times, and certainly didn't do justice to his performance. The drama was emphasised by the fine orchestration, and the camera work and direction for television was excellent.

The Production

The lighting appears poor, with the first act looking brown and drab, the second looking very grey; this may be a feature of the DVD - it may be that the lighting worked well for the stage.


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