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Rio de Janeiro

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Ballet Teatro Municipal
de Rio de Janeiro


Ana Botafogo

The Dancers

The Ballet

A fine but flawed performance; according to contemporary reviews, Bujones almost walks on water, to the extent that the reviews pretty much snubbed the rest of the ensemble - but the video fails to display such a bravura performance - albeit one with great moments.


If you are a fan of Fernando, this DVD is interesting for its historical value, as very little of his recorded dancing is available commercially. This particular piece has numerous flaws, choreographic, dramatic, and technical. The latter are the most irksome for the casual viewer. The color is a washed-out sepia in the first act, and the second act is danced in near-pitch darkness. The sound is muffled, and the orchestra is sub-par. Bujones is enjoyable to watch, but male dancing has progressed so much in just the last two decades, one would almost think he is a talented but unpolished amateur at a graduation performance.

Review by French Critic

The Production

Like many pre-digital performances, this suffers from depleted colours and less than perfect sound; to add insult to injury, it has commercial breaks - though, thankfully, no commercials. Evidence (if any were needed) for the value of public service television!


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