Giselle - The Ballet

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma 1980

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Ballet of the Rome Opera 1980

Choreography: Giovanni Coralli, Jules Perrot, and Marius Petipa, versione di M.L.Lavrovskij

Fracci, Nureyev; Rome

The Dancers

The Ballet

A live performance, with all the applause and curtain calls.


Sad to see many reviewers rather missing the point, when reviewing this performance; first, this was a tape-digital transfer, probably done on the cheap. That's why the sound is less than perfect, that;'s why the colours are washed out - not sloppy lighting, not a bad orchestra.
Second, Nureyev peaked in the late 50s; he defected in 1962. This was filmed in 1980, when he was 42 - and still performing as well - or better - than dancers half his age. Sure, it would be great to have a DVD of Nureyev performing Giselle while at his peak - but no such performance exits, though there are extracts of him with Fonteyn in the 1960s. Worth seeking out.
Fracci, similarly, was the star ballerina of La Scala in 1963.

For all that, both provide an excellent experience - Nureyev, as ever dances as if his life depended on; significantly, even when not dancing, he remains 100% in character, not - like some - hanging about as if waiting for a bus. I never saw him live, and I have not seen film of him at his peak - but if this is anything to go by, he is one amazing dancer.

Edited version of a review by Andrew Heenan

The Production

Conversion to DVD has meant a washed-out colour, to some extent, and poor sound in places.


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